To the Highly Sensitive People!

The world makes You think you’re weak. You’re alone. You’re Unrequited. You live in a Bubble. Expects You to smother down, to relax a bit, to take it easy, to vaporise your sensitivity and sensibilities.

Do we really need to? Our Sensitivity is inflammable and it burns with such passion and desire. It May not be a smooth ride, there will be a lot of bumps, unrequited desires, pushed into loneliness, pointing faults for being sensitive.

Turn into Abundance. It fuels your burning sensitivity more. You make the world a little bit kinder place, a little more compassionate by your act. You’ve the gift to understand and connect to other’s feelings. When most people shy away from understanding their own self and bow out to their ego, You sensitise it, accept it and grow more strong out of it.

Allow! Allow Yourself to be You!

You’re being a person who is Unflinching, Unabashed about your life, love and living.

Every minute details matters. It’s the same with Universe. However it may be huge and vast, every single cell of living and non living beings creates this humongous Universe. So are You. You encapsulate an Universe within You and the gift is that You realise and feel it. We are in itself an Universe of our Own. And that’s why we’re Highly Sensitive People.

The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

– Carl Sagan

The greatest gift is that You ‘Feel’. Embrace!


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