Love thy Self

Only recently I started to notice this person and can’t stop falling in love.

That person is kind, compassionate, loving, caring, sincere, has beautiful thoughts about life. Some courage this person has, to be authentic and to resolve the loneliness with passion. Just stopped caring about what others think, the person carved into deeper self and gradually created an Own world with this Abundance. There’s no hate or spite there, but only Love. The unconditional Love which was hard to confine has now exploded into ways through Art. That person is in the verge of redefining own self. The path chosen is an estranged one, yet its what the soul needed and followed. As many hurt and rejections the person has seen, now a greater clarity come around wrapping into a gift. That Person is on a path and builds it through compassion and love in an artistic way.


Then realized most people around me were having similar shades. It’s just that I know this person closely and so is bit more refined and attuned to own self. For some it’s evident and for some we just need to look deeper. When we look within, we all have some unique qualities but we just fail to seek that more often and resulting in haze. Now that I’ve realized, I cant stop falling in love with that person and I do love that person everyday and every moment.
That person is me, myself!

When we look within, everyone would have some or the other qualities which makes us Us. Acknowledge those, Appreciate it and Love thy person.
Self Love is the best kind of Love! Pamper Yourself with Abundant Love .
Take care of Yourself!


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